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General Safety

1. Window Blinds/Curtains with "loop" style Cords. Window blinds with pull cords and inner cords forming a loop can become wrapped around a persons neck and cause serious harm. About 85 million units sold each year. Over 160 incidents reported since 1991. Remedy: Call Window Covering Safety Council for free repair kit: 800-506-4636 or visit

2. Consider Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors if your Home uses Natural Gas. Natural gas in homes has an incredible safety record. It is lighter than air, meaning that leaks and accidental discharges of gas dissipate very quickly and are rarely combustible. Most all gas appliances have multiple safety switches to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. That being said, there is a risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning whenever combustible gases are involved. 3. Water Heater Safety Issues in Units Manufactured prior to July 1st, 2003. Units manufactured on or after July 1st, 2003, are highly recommended as a replacement for any gas water heaters manufactured prior to that date that are still in operation. These units cause around 800 residential fires resulting in an average of 5 deaths and 130 injuries annually. Newer units prevent flammable vapor ignition in the area of the water heater thru the implementation of what is referred to as a "flame arrestor", whereby flashback fires are prevented by burning the gas vapors inside of the heater while greatly reducing the risk of igniting flammable gases nearby.

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